About Our Ingenuity Digital Media Labs

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Technology Solutions Labs (TSL) takes the art and science of Digital Media and Internet of Things (IoT) and applies it across industries. Digital Media and IoT utilize a powerful set of tools that are revolutionizing the world of entertainment, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and education. Using the collective expertise and perspectives of Deep Dive alumni and industry professionals, TSL is at the forefront of creating new products, technologies, and services for businesses around the US. 

We use a proven methodology of understanding your technical problem and applying our technical skills to solve that problem in a creative way. The innovative services we provide will modernize the way your organization connects with the world.

We are committed to providing motivating and meaningful educational and professional opportunities for students in New Mexico. Our work fosters education, community outreach, professional research, and technology collaboration. TSL commits to providing technical resources to New Mexico residents, institutions, and businesses in an effort to stimulate economic development and to give our students and alumni an opportunity to work on ‘real-world’ technical projects.

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