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Bring your ideas to life, using our expertise. If you can dream it, we can help you create it!

Talented professionals ready to assist  

Ingenuity Digital Media Labs is at the cutting edge of digital media design and development. We love the challenge of designing creative solutions to your problems.


Let us help you create your unique brand identify.  From logo design to establishing your company’s ‘personality’ on the web.  We’ll help you stand apart from your competition.

Commercial Animation

Our team can create custom animated commercial for any type of business.  Whether you need a fresh TV commercial to reach your audience or a training animation to educate your employees, our creative team can help from storyboard and script to final product.


We can bring your creative concept to reality  by creating unique software solutions to solve specific business problems with artful design and sophistication.


We can bring your collateral to life using Augmented Reality (AR) and/or Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).  From business cards and brochures embedded with augmented reality content to creating CGI environments to help tell your message in a unique way.  Let our team share their creativity.

Video Production

We provide business video production services.  Our team can produce customized training videos, capture a business event, or create video content to tell your story on the web.

Creative Problem Solving

One of our most valuable services is helping you solve business problems with digital solutions. Leverage our digital media skills to creatively solve issues with logistics and customer experience. Bring us your business problem and we will work with you to design a technical solution.

Recent Work


Digital Projection Mapping


Zook - Augmented Reality Safari Guide


NM Film Tour Project

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