Our Ingenuity Digital Media Team


Niki is a captivating storyteller, often using Digital Media as the vehicle to drive her plot points home.  Her preferred mediums and growing skills include animation,  writing, and storyboarding.  Her background in travel, literature,  and life experiences color and shape her work.


Thomas is a creative digital media technologist.  His skills include audio/video production and editing, commercial animation, documentary shorts, and production of computer generated imagery (CGI).  He had produced animated commercials for several NM companies including AdWallet and City Solar.  


James specializes in working with animated shorts and has created animated ads for the mobile app, AdWallet, as well as ads for businesses like Positive Energy Solar and Sunstate Solar as a creator for AdWallet. He also has experience coding short, choose your own adventure games using Unity, and has created a youtube channel called “Jem Reviews” where he reviews mostly western animations, that has amassed over 30,000 subscribers. 

Kasie Cochrane

Kasie is a Creative Designer who specializes in digital illustration, 2d animation, graphic design and video production and editing. With a background in Fine Art and a passion for Art and Design, she strives to build projects that can expose the creative process. She has created logos, animations and graphics for organizations such as the New Mexico DOH, CNM Westside campus, Explora, and several local businesses.

McEl Elbrecht

McEl is a certified digital marketing specialist who uses digital media to enhance her client’s ad campaigns, social media pages, and websites. She has experience in leading multiple campaign efforts in a variety of fields. Her passion is giving small business owners creative options and data driven results.


Charles is a digital media artist with experience in animation, illustration, and film. He enjoys using these art forms to tell a good story, and is passionate about learning new skills. As a former teacher, he understands the value of education, and draws from his own experience to inform his work.

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Thomas is a 3D Artist that specializes in the creation of 3D assets and PBR(Physically-Based Rendering) materials. He has experience that ranges from creating 3D characters to fully digital worlds. His passion is in 3D environment art and loves to immerse users in the worlds that he builds. Additionally, his hobby is building multiplayer maps in Halo Forge. His map “Fire Wall” is in the official map rotation in Halo 5 and his latest map “Endless Shore” won 3rd place in the Forge Hub4v4 Slayer Map Contest. His goal is to spark creativity in others with the work that he creates.

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Judah a local New Mexican, is founder of multimedia production company Kismetism LLC. He has expertise in graphic design, photography, videography, animation, art direction, fine art, and media editing services. He is dedicated to crafting various kinds of creative and digital media that focus on bringing quality art and passion into the forefront of human values.

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Michael is a Digital Media Specialist. He specializes in video editing, graphic design and animation. He has produced and edited many promotional videos for many different clients and is currently helping run the Comcast Digital Media Studio at WESST Enterprise Center. He brings creativity and passion to any project that he works on.


- Director -
Rod Sanchez, Ph.D.

Director, Ingenuity Digital Media Labs

Rod’s formal academic training is in neuroscience. He has spent the last decade working with companies such as Intel, HP, and DreamWorks to develop first-of-its-kind products and technologies around the world. Rod’s projects range from creating the first robotic hospital pharmacy in the US to helping to design a state-of-art tele-communications system for countries in southeast Asia. At Intel, Rod founded and managed the worldwide Community Solutions Program – this multi-billion dollar program paired Intel technologists with industry experts outside of Intel in various industries to create new products. Later, Rod collaborated with DreamWorks Animation SKG to develop a new technical model for rendering animated images used in motion picture from geographically remote locations. This new technical model was used in the production of Academy Award nominated movies such as Shrek Forever After, Kung Fu Panda 2, and How to Train Your Dragon. Rod maintains his academic roots and actively works with schools and universities around the US to develop digital media production training initiatives.

Rod is the lead instructor for Ingenuity’s Deep Dive Digital Media bootcamp and a member of numerous motion picture, technology, science, and digital media industry organizations.

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